Safely Climb Mount Whitney

Summer is the Safest Season to Climb Mount Whitney

One of the safety factors of hiking during the summer months is if there is an emergency there are more people on the trail to help and a ranger is not far away.

During the off season there can be many feet of snow and there are very few hikers and no rangers.

During the winter, if you find yourself in an emergency situation, help is nearly nonexistent, thus evacuation can take much longer.

Wildlife on Mount Whitney

This bears repeating!

You will need to take precautions for the bears and marmots!


Food and even empty food containers (such as ice chests) must be stowed in bear proof boxes at the Whitney Portal, not in your car (you will be cited if you fail to stow all items with a scent even if the bear has already ripped your car a new sunroof ); bear canisters must be utilized by hikers on the trails unless you have a one-day permit only and even then, consider using one.

Marmots will chew through your tent to get to anything that smells interesting ## leave the door open so they don’t make their own entrance.

Be Prepared With the Correct Equipment

If you plan to hike Mount Whitney, you must be prepared with the proper equipment, including a backback, tent, proper foot attire & clothing and a sleeping bag.

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